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Artist, Dreamer, Warrior

A bridge toward the invisible The social and political awakening of the last years generates hope for a better future; yet do the political and social models we are used to allow true unity and fraternity among people? Mankind has buried it’s dreams, and is content with mere survival. Justice is no longer a philosophical value, but rather it now serves personal values. In this book, Pierre Poulain suggests that Art is the key to creation of unity and the understanding of the common destiny among people. The Artist, through his work, makes the invisible visible. He reveals the beauty… Beauty, as it is available to everyone, is “the natural way to unite people”.

Concentration & Inner Awakening

The practice of concentration is an essential step in the creation of our personal destiny. It enables us to clear our minds of confusion and develop self-control. Exercising concentration in our daily life helps develop our capacity to overcome obstacles without restraint or struggle and to create a more harmonious existence. Concentration helps us to take control over our memory and rediscover our true identity. This little book invites us to discover in simple terms the path of consciousness according to the oral teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. This was the intention of Lama Blo-bzang Don-yod when, in the 17th century, he drew a diagram of a seeker accompanied by three symbolic animals. This path shows us the difficulties that we will have to overcome with the help of simple physical and mental exercises that require very little time to accomplish. The success of this method lies in short daily practise sessions rather than long, infrequent ones.

Metaphysical Aesthetics of Photography

Pierre Poulain takes us through a brief history of the evolution of aesthetics in photography and offers philosophical insight that reflects in the way he understands and practices his art. “While the Beautiful is in Everything, not Everything emanates the Beautiful”. says Poulain. Only the discerning photographer, a true artist, looks deeper to discover the eternal archetype of Beauty that transcends the physical and ephemeral plane. To Poulain, the task of recognizing and pursuing Beauty is an integral facet of the human experience. He carefully demonstrates how the archetype of Beauty is linked to Truth, Justice and Goodness, and suggests that bringing Beauty into our lives will open doorways that draw us closer to the other spiritual archetypes as well. “Since photography touches the intuition more than the rational mind,” shares Poulain, “when practiced as an Art, photography seems to be the perfect tool to awaken the consciousness of humanity”.

Perseus: Warrior of Peace

“As peril increases, so too increases the chance of salvation.”- Friedrich Holderlin In a world of transition, today’s youth must take up new challenges, undreamed-of by past generations. But as in all perilous times, to face the challenge, one must have stable, tried and tested inner bearingsand a correct innder disposition. The path of the warrior of peace is an ancient one. It is the implementation of teachings of wisdom, giving priority to the being and its choices, over “ having” and appearances. Only by drinking from this cource is it possible to work towards a new and better world, a world in which each person can find his place, a world capable of solidarity and common wealth, a world which notably begins begins with self-transformation. To learn to believe in oneself, in order to gradually go through each phase of one’s inner path, with the successive unfolding of one’s potential, is the only way to discover the freedom to chose and seize one’s own destiny. Today’s youth, like past youth, is always ready to play a role. However, we still need enthusiastic role-models like Perseus, the warrior of peace, to inspire souls and to nurture self confidence.

Philosophy for Living

Our ideas are only valid if they are good and just, both for ourselves and for other, and if we can combine them with the best kinds of feelings, so that we can apply them in the most appropriate way. An idea on its own,without feeling and without an ensuing action, is doomed to die. The experience of everyday life is enough to show us how difficult it is to put our ideas into practice. We often tend to remain on the level of dreams, or rather, of daydreams,which calm our desire and save us from having to make the effort to convert an idea into tangible reality.

The Mystery Theater in Greece

Paperback: 164 pages Publisher: New Acropolis UK (1 May 2008) ISBN-10: 0955911907 ISBN-13: 978-0955911903