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Welcome to the New Acropolis School of Philosophy store. As a 100% volunteer organisation we rely on donations and sales from our shop to support our efforts to promote philosophy as a practical approach to life, and fund various cultural and volunteer activities. Our products are either hand made by members of our organisation, or have been donated to our cause. All of the profits from the tibetan products go to supporting tibetan monastries in South Africa.

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Philosophy for Living 16 Week Course

Are you a philosopher at heart? Do you ever ask yourself questions like, "Why do we exist; what's the point?" "What is the nature of all things?" or "What role do I have to play in this world?". If you do, you're asking the same questions many great philosophers have asked throughout the ages. Philosophers like Buddha, Confucius, Kant and Socrates, who dedicated their lives to this type of philosophical investigation and the practical application thereof.
R1 500,00